Styles I’m Loving for Spring & Summer

Styles I’m Loving for Spring & Summer

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I thought I’d change it up today and share a little bit more of a fashion related post. I recently cleaned out my entire wardrobe and am left with maybe five shirts that I can actually wear in public and so many good pairs of shorts/pants. Needless to say, I definitely need to revamp my closet, so I’ve been searching the web for some cute pieces. Here are the styles I’m loving for spring & summer:

Cut-off denim
I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of cut-off denim shorts for what seems like forever! I love how just like a pair of jeans, they go with everything. They’re so easy to wear with a simple tee or a dressier top.

I wasn’t so sure about all the embroidery coming back into style because they reminded me of the clothes I wore as a little kid with embroidered flowers all over them! However, this style has definitely made its way into my heart. I think everything looks great with a little bit of embroidery, but my favorite is definitely the beautiful dresses with embroidered floral prints on them.

Peplum tops have long been a favorite of mine. I love how soft, comfortable, and flowy they are. I constantly reach for the one I have when getting dressed. They’re so effortless paired with a pair of shorts or jeans. Plus, you can dress them up with heels and a cute necklace!

Off-the-shoulder is a style that I just recently got into (I wore one in this Instagram post). I think the style is definitely very feminine and flirty, not to mention, an easy outfit for going out. I think they look good on everyone too!

I know that sundresses aren’t really a style, but I thought I’d mention them anyways because I’ve been obsessed with them recently. I love how sundresses are so easy to wear – they’re just one outfit in one piece of cloth and I love that. I like clothes that can be thrown on real quick and still look cute!

What styles are you loving?

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