Sunday Vibes | 07

Sunday Vibes | 07

01. After going home last weekend, I couldn’t help but feel really excited about the upcoming holidays. If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen a few Thanksgiving related pins over there. I’m really looking forward to baking and spending time with my family – not to mention sweater weather!

02. This week was really productive. I worked until 6 p.m. on Tuesday as I couldn’t break away from the blog. I feel as though my productivity has its ebbs and flows as some days I can’t turn my mind off, but other days I need to break away and put my efforts into finishing a book or cleaning the apartment. I’m still trying to find my working-from-home productivity mojo.

03. Since I’ve been thinking about the upcoming holidays, I was thinking about traditions I’d like to start with Gary. My family has different traditions that are very special to me and that I plan on implementing, but I think it would also be fun to create our own. What are some traditions you do in your family? I’d love to hear your ideas.

04. Gary and I are planning on doing a few fun things over the weekend. I’ve been really itching to go to Marshalls and TJ MAXX to find some fall home decor and look around. It’s been ages since I’ve been to either store! On Sunday, we’re planning to spend most of the day outside as the weather is predicted to have a high of 75 degrees! Gary, of course, wants to watch football, so looks like we’ll have to find a compromise there.

05. I only wore makeup once this week and for an ultra long-lasting look, I spritzed Pixi’s Hydrating Milky Mist on a beauty blender and bounced the beauty blender all over my face. I did this after having applied moisturizer earlier, but before makeup and my makeup went on so nicely! I couldn’t believe how great my makeup looked!

Have a great weekend!

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