Sunday Vibes | 10

Sunday Vibes | 10

01. This week’s weather was SO nice. It has been so hot here until this week which featured highs of ~70 during the day and lows of ~52 at night. I’ve had the windows open all week and have really been enjoying the cooler weather!

02. This week, Gary and I had several conversations about our next big trip that we want to take. We’ve had the destination in mind since we were in Kauai on our honeymoon, but we weren’t sure whether we should go or just plan a short vacation to somewhere tropical. I’ve spent most of my week looking into destinations and costs, but nothing seemed right, so I think we are going with our original plan. Since we are planning this trip, I want to know in advance what you guys would like to see. I’m thinking about incorporating videos into my blog, so let me know in the comments what type of travel videos or posts you would enjoy!

03. I think Gary and I may go to the zoo, gardens, and conservatory downtown this weekend, but it’s supposed to rain all day Saturday (we’ll play it by ear). We’re trying to fit in all the outdoor activities we can into our weekends before the cold weather comes. If you live in Chicago or Indianapolis, please send me ideas of good activities to do!

04. I’m starting Tone It Up’s 31 Day Challenge this Saturday! I’ve been looking forward to it since they announced it on Instagram a few weeks ago. I’ve been totally slacking when it comes to working out, though Gary and I have been biking around the city on the weekends since he got his new bike. I love Tone It Up’s community, so I’m hoping it’ll keep me motivated and I can actually follow through with the plan.

05. I’m super excited about October and all the events we have going on this month! My best friend is getting married and we are going to hear the symphony orchestra play the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone full score. Besides those two big things, I think we are going to do some activities around the city like pumpkin picking, a GermanFest, and a street fair.

What are you up to this weekend?