Sunday Vibes | 11

Sunday Vibes | 11

This week went by so quickly! Read on to see what I got up to..

01. I bought some weights over the weekend to force myself into working out. I’m too intimidated to go to the gym, so I thought I’d just try working out in our apartment. I worked out twice this week, which is definitely an accomplishment for me! The other morning I worked out right after I woke up and literally hadn’t eaten in 15 hours and I thought I was going to die!!

02. Gary and I went to a pre-season Pacers game on Thursday night. We had so much fun because we literally had the best seats in the house with the gigantic screen right in front of us and a full-court view. We had a great time!

03. Also on Thursday, we finally sold my camera! I’ve mentioned before that we bought a new camera (Gary’s gift to me for my birthday and Christmas), so it was great that we sold my camera because it paid for nearly half of the cost. Also, I’m so in love with my new camera, but haven’t really had the chance to take it out and shoot because we’ve had to run so many errands on the weekends.

04. On Tuesday night, Gary and I booked a really exciting trip that I absolutely can’t wait for! We’ve been wanting to go to this place for so long and actually decided on it on our honeymoon but didn’t think we’d be able to since the flights are SO expensive. However, we found a really great deal and decided it was a sign and that we needed to book it. I really want to share, but I think I’ll save it for closer to time. We have quite a few months to go, but I’m already planning travel content to share with you!

05. For this weekend, I think we are planning to get out and about. The weather is supposed to be really nice, so I’m thinking we will spend some time outside. I also really need to go to Sephora and buy foundation before my best friend’s wedding next weekend. On another note, I’m thinking about cutting my hair again. I have an A-line cut, so the front pieces are getting too long for me. We will see!

Have a great weekend!