Sunday Vibes | 16

Sunday Vibes | 16

It’s Sunday! Read on for what I got up to this week.

01. I’ve been working on my editorial calendar for December. I’m really excited for all of the winter and Christmas content coming to the blog! If you want to see anything specific from me, let me know in the comments below! I met with a blogger yesterday and we are collaborating on two holiday posts + a giveaway, so make sure you watch this space! I can’t wait to share them with you!

02. I got my hair cut last weekend and decided to go shorter than I had it before. Now I have a proper lob, but my hair is even all the way around instead of long in the front and shorter in the back. I’ve been working on styling it because it’s a lot different than the way I had it. I may do a post on it since you guys liked both of the posts I did on my hair (found here and here).

03. I’ve been reading about hygge this week. I’m so fascinated by this idea that is most common among the Danes. It’s a concept that I can totally get behind and that I want to incorporate into my life. To all my Danish readers out there – I’d love to see what tips you have for embracing hygge!

04. A bonus post went live yesterday! I usually only have posts up Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but this week I thought why not put up a post on Saturday! You can read the post that went live yesterday here.

05. I’m working on my winter wardrobe as I have hardly any clothes that are appropriate for winter. I’ve been saving up so that I can buy good quality clothing – it’s about time I started creating a wardrobe for myself. I’ve been loving shopping at Frankie Phoenix. Their prices are reasonable and their clothes are really nice quality!

Happy weekend!