Sunday Vibes | 22

Sunday Vibes | 22

Can you believe it’s already January 1st?! Christmas flew by so quickly. Here’s what we got up to in the past week.

01. As most of you know, Gary and I went home for the holidays. We spent Christmas day with his family and the day after celebrating Christmas with my family. Though a little stressful, we enjoyed spending our first Christmas as a married couple.

02. I’ve resumed my regular posting and have loved getting back into blogging this week. I’ve taken a week off and have missed writing and taking photos. I wrote this post about my goals for the new year and created a video recapping 2016 before my break for the holidays. I worked so hard on collecting videos and photos and love the way it turned out. The video is such a great reminder of all the things we did this year!

03. This week we have been relaxing with my family. We’ve played so many card games and ping pong. It’s been so much fun to be home and not have any obligations. Plus, I’ve loved having Gary around during the daytime and spending extra time with him.

04. I’ve been thinking a lot this week about how I want the next 12 months to flow and what I want to accomplish. A new year and a new month always give me a fresh perspective and reenergize me. This year is no different, but there are so many things I want to accomplish. I’m hoping that I can keep my mind right this year and work hard to accomplish all of my goals.

05. We had the best time yesterday ringing in the new year with our family and closest friends!

I hope you all had a great time celebrating. Happy New Year!