Sunday Vibes | 23

Sunday Vibes | 23

Hi, guys! Welcome back to another Sunday Vibes post. I’ve been thinking about changing up these posts to make them a little more interesting and with a few recommendations from you, I think I’ve figured out how!

This week has felt rather long if I’m being honest. Gary and I have both worked on our separate things every single night this week. We haven’t had hardly any time to spend together, but I’m just happy that we can sit next to each other on the couch and work side by side. We don’t have much planned this weekend other than going to a basketball game. I’m hoping to get outside and take some photos with my new camera lens.

What I loved this week:
01. My cozy slippers – I know this sounds so lame, but I love wearing slippers especially because our apartment is over a garage and the floors are always so cold! I’ve linked a few of my favorites down below.

02. A new book – I just started The Obsession by Nora Roberts and I’ve been sucked into it! I have no idea what’s going to happen because I never read the backs of books so I’m constantly wondering where the book is going.

03. This post by Abby – I thought I’d mention this because it really inspired me. Abby hit the nail on the head with her post talking about blogging and how it’s not just a superficial thing, it truly is a hobby that most bloggers start out of passion and their love for it.

04. Hayley Paige – I’m obsessed with Hayley and her new little family. This may sound weird, but I feel like I know her since I’ve watched so many of her vlogs! She is such a sweet person and I’ve loved watching her journey into motherhood.

05. My blog redesign – I must say, I’m in love with my new blog design! I hand-lettered my logo and Gary installed everything for me. I hope you all like it and find it easy to navigate.

Happy Sunday!

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