Sunday Vibes | 26

Sunday Vibes | 26

Guys! The sun finally came out this week and it’s a new month! Exciting times. Anyways, this week went by fairly quickly and some exciting things have been in the works. If you’re on my newsletter list, you’d know what I’m talking about! Today, we are getting lunch with a friend after church and tonight, we are heading over to some friend’s house to watch the Superbowl. Do you guys have any fun plans for today?

What I loved this week:
01. Moto leggings – I received a pair of black moto leggings for Christmas and I’ve been wearing them nonstop. They are so comfortable and cute. Plus, they are stretchy in the waist!

02. Talking about our 10-year plan – This isn’t a tangible item, but Gary and I were talking about our 10-year plan this week. We had so much fun talking about our ideas of where we’d like to be in ten years time and what we hope to be doing. Part of us wants to pack up and move to Hawaii, but we’ll see!

03. Crossroads – I can’t believe I haven’t watched this video before, but seeing John Mayer and Keith Urban collab on this song was amazing. They’re two of my favorites, so I’ve been listening to this on repeat.

04. My new glasses – I just received my new glasses in the mail yesterday and have been wearing them since. I’ve had the same pair for seven years, so it was definitely time to get a new pair that I can actually wear in public.

What are you up to this weekend?

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