Sunday Vibes | 32

Sunday Vibes | 32

Hey, guys! Welcome back to the blog! This week has gone by SO slow, so I’ve been looking forward to the weekend more than usual. Gary’s been getting home late from work, unfortunately, so we’ve just had a few hours together every night. We’ve been watching March Madness and having a great time cheering on G’s bracket! We’re also planning on going to see Beauty and the Beast this weekend, which I’m SO excited about. It’s my favorite Disney movie and like everyone else, I love Emma Watson as an actress. She’s brilliant!

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What I loved this week: 
01. My diffuser – I’ve been looking for a diffuser and found this one on Amazon. I love the wood-like look of it, plus it lights up and makes a small bubbling sound, which is rather soothing. I’ve been using it every night on my nightstand with a little bit of lavender oil in it – puts me right to sleep!

02. Cacti – I know, this is weird! However, I’m obsessed with all things cacti lately. I’ve been searching for all kinds of cacti-printed things like phone cases, shower curtains, artwork, everything! If you have anything cacti-related, send it my way!

03. Slow cooker chicken burrito bowls – I’m constantly looking for new recipes to try and was looking for a super easy meal to add to my list and I stumbled upon this recipe. I made it this week and the recipe makes so much food – it was delish!

04. Kathleen Post – I don’t follow many fashion bloggers, but when I stumbled upon fellow Indy blogger Kathleen, I started following her immediately! I love her style – it’s so effortless and chic. She inspires me to dress better!

05. Spring blend – I’ve been blending my essential oils to diffuse in our apartment. I use 4 drops of lavender, peppermint, and lemon. It makes the air smell so fresh and clean!

What did you love this week? Happy weekend!

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