Sunday Vibes | 34

Sunday Vibes | 34

Hi, everyone! I hope you are all doing well! I’m writing this post on Friday and the weather forecast for the weekend and is looking really warm, which I’m greatly looking forward to. I can’t wait to get outside again and sit in the sunshine. As for our weekend, we are planning to go out to dinner with some friends on Saturday and then I think we’re going to go have a little picnic or something on Sunday afternoon with our hammocks!

What I loved this week:
01. Think Dirty App – I downloaded this app a few weeks ago and have been loving it. I’ve been getting rather conscious about the ingredients that are in the products that I use. I’ve been slowly replacing every household and skincare product with organic products. I actually ran out of moisturizer the other day and ran to Target to pick up a new one but I thought I should look at the Think Dirty app first and I’m so glad I did! I walked up and down the skincare aisle a few times scanning each thing. I ended up walking out of the store with nothing because they all had terrible ingredients in them! When I got home, I looked at the Think Dirty app’s suggestions for moisturizer and found one and ordered it on Amazon straight away! I’ve been using it for the last week and really like it.

02. Dainty jewelry – I’ve been obsessed with dainty jewelry for forever and if you follow me on Pinterest, you’d see all the jewelry I’ve been pinning! I’ve been toying with the idea of getting my ears pierced again and buying some really cute, dainty earrings. I’ve also been looking for small rings and bracelets to add to the few that I wear regularly. If you have an Etsy shop or know of any small jewelry shops online, please let me know!

03. Pinterest – This should come to no surprise to those who have been around these parts for a long time. I’ve been obsessed with Pinterest since it first came out. I’m inspired so much by photos, so Pinterest is a dream. I pin all the time, so if you’d like to follow along, click here!

What are you up to this weekend? Share what you loved this week down below!