Sunday Vibes | 37

Sunday Vibes | 37

Hi, everyone! I hope you all area having a great weekend. We met up with Abby and Justin yesterday for lunch and ran a few errands afterward. We’ve had some harsh storms coming through all weekend, so I’m hoping they subside this week and the sun comes back out! Also, I put up a new vlog on Friday. I’ve left it down below so you can give it a watch if you’d like. If you have a YouTube channel, be sure to leave your link down below so I can follow along!

What I loved this week:
01. Instagram – I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve been loving Instagram at the moment. I’ve been really enjoying connecting with other bloggers and people on the app.

02. Batiste Dry Shampoo – I’ve been using this dry shampoo for a few months and I love it. I’ve definitely mentioned it in my Sunday Vibes posts before, but I thought I’d give it another mention. I use it as a dry shampoo but also as a texture spray.

03. Love, Poppy – I just discovered Love, Poppy at an event recently and love their jewelry! I bought a gold, dainty bracelet and am obsessed with it. All their jewelry is handmade in Mississipi. They’re beautiful!

04. Peppermint oil – With all the weather changes, I’ve been getting so many headaches this week. Thank goodness for my peppermint oil, it’s helped to relieve my headaches so quickly!

What did you love this week?

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