Sunday Vibes | 38

Sunday Vibes | 38

Hi, everyone! I’m writing this at the airport – we are just finishing up our dinner before boarding our flight. When you read this (Sunday), it’s our one year wedding anniversary! I can’t believe we’ve already been married for ONE year! This year has absolutely gone by so fast – I wish time would slow down a little bit.

What I loved this week:
01. Camera pouches – As you know, we’re out of town right now and while preparing for our trip, I packed up all my camera gear. I received these camera pouches for Christmas and they’ve been so nice to have. I can fit my camera, tripod, polaroid camera, film, and another lens in them! They’re great for traveling.

02. Vlogging – I’ve been having such a fun time vlogging and editing. I’ve only uploaded five videos so far, but I definitely have plans to keep making more. Please let me know if you have anything you’d like to see in a vlog!

03. My haircut – I mentioned in this post that I got my hair cut this week! I’m absolutely obsessed with the way it looks. It feels so good to have a few inches and some weight off. Now, I’m summer ready!

04. Chunky Monkey Smoothie – I’ve been making smoothies quite frequently this week. I love them because they’re so easy to make and they fill me up for quite some time. Here’s the recipe.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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