Sunday Vibes | 43

Sunday Vibes | 43

It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted a Sunday Vibes post (like three and a half months ago!), so I thought I’d bring it back. If you’ve never read one of my SV posts before, you can read previous ones here, but essentially, they’re posts that go live each Sunday, recapping what I loved during the previous week. They’re really fun for me to write because I have these memories to look back on and see what I was interested in at the time. Let’s get into it!

01. Happiness Planner – I received this planner at Christmas last year and never felt in a place to start using it. However, I pulled it out this week and have been enjoying going through it each day. There’s a space in the daily section to write about the good things that happened that day and it’s really getting me in the mindset of seeing the little things throughout the day that I feel good about and that I’m thankful for. I have the pink one and it’s so cute! They also have an app that I’ve also been using. It’s a great way to still use your happiness planner on the go!

02. Sephora Rose Face Mask – I found this face mask in my stash on Tuesday and thought I’d make use of it! I usually have the most sensitive skin ever (like every drugstore foundation breaks me out), so I was a little wary to try this, but I woke up with the softest skin ever! My skin looked brighter and so smooth – I loved it. I’m about to head to Sephora and grab at least ten more!

03. Shine Text – I recently signed up to receive a shine text every morning, Monday through Friday, and I can’t tell you how much I love it! When you sign up, you’ll receive a text every morning with an encouraging quote! You’ll also receive a link to read articles and actions you can take to make your morning that much brighter. It’s so nice to be greeted in the morning with a little encouragement. Also, when you refer 10 friends, you can receive Shine Swag!

04. LANY – I discovered this band on Spotify within the last few weeks and have been listening to them nonstop. I love the cool, chill vibes of their music! My favorite songs are 13, Super Far, Good Girls, and Current Location. I recommend giving them a listen!

05. Doterra Cheer Touch Blend – I recently bought this oil blend and have fallen in love with it. Since dabbling in essential oils, I’ve only actually carried one oil around with me until I received this oil. It’s a roll on, so you can just roll it on your skin and it’s meant to counteract negative emotions and provide a boost of happiness and positivity if you’re feeling down. The scent is a mix of citrus and spice oils and smells so good!

What did you love this week??

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