Sunday Vibes | 45

Sunday Vibes | 45

Happy Sunday! I hope you all are having a great weekend! My parents are in town, so we’ve been running around Indy doing a little shopping, pumpkin picking, and watching football. We’ve had so much fun! Let me know what you all are doing/did this weekend – I’d love to know! Here’s what I loved this week:

01. The Five – GUYS. If you love a good mystery/crime show, you NEED to watch this one. I can’t tell you how much Gary and I loved this show! We’ve been watching at least two episodes a night and finished it this week. Here’s the rundown: there are ten episodes that are 42 minutes long, it’s British crime drama, based on the book by mystery-thriller writer Harlan Coben. Here’s a little more info: “The series follows a group of childhood friends, Mark, Danny, Slade, and Pru, who are traumatized after Mark’s five-year-old brother Jesse goes missing while playing in a park with them. Years later, they all harbor immense guilt for what happened, but find themselves in successful careers; Mark is a lawyer, Danny is a detective, Pru is a doctor, and Slade runs a shelter for at-risk youth. While Jesse was assumed dead thanks to a confession from a known child killer, the discovery of his DNA at a murder scene twenty years later brings the group back together as they attempt to find out the truth about what happened to Jesse – and where he might be if he’s alive.”

02. LUE Clear Spot Treatment – My face usually breaks out once a month, but I’ve noticed I’ve had some stubborn spots on my face and it makes me incredibly self-conscious. I will literally not go anywhere without wearing any makeup because my skin is so light and when I have any kind of redness on my face you can see it from ten miles away. I stumbled upon this clear spot treatment last week and ordered it right away. I’ve been using it since last Sunday and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin! I had what felt like a mountain under my skin and I used this spot treatment on it and it was gone in no time! I feel like I need to knock on wood when I say this, but my face has gotten so much better with a few changes in my makeup, skincare routine, and while using this!

03. This pullover – I mentioned this pullover in my Dressing Room Diaries post from last week so I won’t talk about it much. However, I can’t get over how cute and comfy it is. If you’re interested, go to your local Target or buy it here online!

04. My Bar Cart – I’ve been trying to get into the festive spirit, but when you’re on a budget it can definitely be hard to decorate for each season! My mom and I found some fake flowers over the weekend and she made me a really cute flower arrangement. I added that along with some cute pumpkins, a gather sign, and a few drink stirrers to my bar cart and rearranged everything a little bit and loved how it turned out!

What did you love this week?? Have a great Sunday!

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