Sunday Vibes | 47

Sunday Vibes | 47

Another week has gone by and we’re one week closer to Thanksgiving! I can’t even wait! Gary and I already put up our Christmas tree this week, which was really fun! We decided last Christmas that we would put it up early this Christmas because we felt like we didn’t get a chance to enjoy it as much last year because we were gone throughout the holidays. Our tree makes our apartment so much cozier! This weekend we went to see a play with friends and then we finished hanging up shelves, fairy lights, and a map in our living room. Our place is finally coming together, which is so nice!

Here are a few things I’ve been loving this week – you may have seen a few of them on my Instagram stories! Plus, I’m sharing a few essential oil blends and my diffusers since so many of you have been messaging me that you love essential oils too!

01. Airspun Translucent Loose Face Powder – I bought this powder over the weekend because I used up all of my Tarte one, and I’ve been loving it! The size is perfect, but the price is even better! I picked it up at Walmart for $5! I use it to set my makeup on my chin, jawline, nose, under my eyes, and a little on my forehead. My makeup doesn’t move all day!

02. Bare Lip + Cheek – I fell in love with this blush this week – I’m sure you saw me raving about it in my IG stories if you follow me there. I can’t get enough! It’s a great blush option for those who don’t like a bright pink colored blush like me. Plus, it looks great on all skin types!

03. Milk Moisturizer – I started using this moisturizer this week and usually I wouldn’t make up my mind about a skincare item so quickly, but this one is a game changer! I used it for the first time on Wednesday night and woke up Thursday morning with the softest skin ever – even Gary said how soft my face was! Plus, I woke up with glowing skin and my redness from the night before had drastically gone down. I highly recommend! It’s very thick but dries in less than five minutes, so you never have that sticky feeling.

04. Turtleneck Sweater – I was talking about this sweater on my IG stories the other day and so many of you told me you liked it! It’s so comfy and warm – perfect for the cool weather we had this week! I’m wearing an XS and it’s long in the front and in the back, but goes up on the sides – perfect for a pair of fleece lined leggings and OTK boots!

05. Lucky Booties – My parents gave me a pair of these booties in black for Christmas a few years ago and I pulled them out this week! I wear them all Fall and Winter every single year because they’re so comfortable, durable, and look cute with every outfit!

06. Clove & Cinnamon Bark essential oils – I’ve been talking about my love for essential oils on my Instagram lately and you guys have been loving it! Today I thought I’d share two that I’ve been loving + a few blends for your diffuser as well as my diffusers! I recently bought clove and cinnamon bark and though they have other uses, I’ve been primarily using them in my diffusers! I have this diffuser and this diffuser – I keep one in our living area and one in our bedroom. As for blends, here are a few I’ve been diffusing this week:
01. 6 drops cinnamon bark, 6 drops wild orange
02. 3 drops aroma touch, 2 drops deep blue, 4 drops balance
03. 4 drops cinnamon bark, 4 drops clove, 2 drops wild orange

What did you love this week?

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