Sunday Vibes | 49

Sunday Vibes | 49

Can you even believe it’s the week of Thanksgiving already?? I know I can’t! Today is my 24th birthday and I’m spending it at the beach, which I’m super happy about! I’ve been looking forward to this trip since last Thanksgiving. My intermediate family always gets together with our family friends who don’t have any extended family around and we celebrate Thanksgiving in North Florida (at one of my favorite beaches). We have a seriously good time watching movies, sitting around the fire, and eating together. Every time we go, it’s always hard to leave and once back in Indiana, it makes me sad to think that we don’t have any family around us. Maybe one day we’ll live closer!

As per usual, I’m sharing with you what I loved during the week today (there isn’t much I loved this week because I was SO busy!), but before I go on, I wanted to make sure that you’ve read my Shop Small Gift Guide. Being a small business owner myself and growing up with my dad being one as well, I’ve always loved and respected small business owners. I think it’s really important to support those who have small businesses. I want to encourage you all to support small businesses this holiday season and shop small!

01. Teddy Jacket – I was telling you about this on my IG stories the other day and raving about how soft it was! I honestly couldn’t believe just how soft it was when I opened up the package! I had been looking for a teddy jacket for a few weeks – from Forever 21 to Free People, but none fit exactly what I was wanting or were too expensive for me to justify spending that much money on! This one is a great option if you’re looking for one. The shop where I bought the jacket from is called Frankie Phoenix and they’re my go-to for winter clothes!

02. Every Sacred Sunday journal – I mentioned this journal on my IG stories on Thursday and I debated sharing it because I don’t really talk about my faith, but so many of you messaged me saying you were ordering it and it totally made my day! I should preface this by saying you don’t have to be Catholic to use it! It’s a journal that you can take to mass with you and it includes all the prayers, the readings for every Sunday of the year, beautiful artwork, an introduction into each season of the liturgical year,  a space for a scripture that stood out to you, a space for your weekly intentions (thanksgiving and prayer request), a space for notes, and a space to write down something you’re committed to doing that week (like saying the rosary on Wednesday). It’s the most beautiful journal and I’m so happy I shared it with all of you!

Happy (early) Thanksgiving!