Sunday Vibes | 51

Sunday Vibes | 51

This week went by so quickly! I can’t believe it! I’ve been busy this week getting caught back up with work, cleaning our apartment, buying gifts, and spreading the Christmas spirit all over our apartment. We spent our day yesterday addressing our Christmas cards, sleeping in, watching football, and making a plan for Stella & Tide. What have you been up to??

Here’s what I loved this week:
01. Brush Collection – I bought this brush collection on Black Friday and got it in the mail on Friday. It’s official – I’m obsessed! I have two of the brushes already, but Maskcara was having a great deal that included a IIID Perfector and Restore Brush Cleanser, so I went for it! The brushes are SO soft and do such a great job application wise. I love them! I did an Instagram live yesterday where I did an unboxing/application of the products I bought. It should still be up if you’d like to go watch it here!

02. Celine Dion Christmas album – I grew up listening to this album because my mom always played it during the holidays. It brings back so many memories and is always my go-to Christmas album!

03. Aerie Leggings – I picked up another pair of my favorite leggings last week and wore them straight away. I have multiple pairs of these leggings and have worn them for years! They last such a long time and are so comfy.

I hope you guys don’t mind that today’s post was short! Talk soon!