Sunday Vibes | 52

Sunday Vibes | 52

Welcome back to the blog! I hope you’re having a great weekend! We spent the majority of the day yesterday hanging out and working on my shop. Then, we went to our church’s Christkindl village and volunteered. We had so much fun and it was so festive! As for today, I’ve got a lot of blog work to do!

Here’s what I loved this week:

01. Shot In the Dark – I stumbled upon this new Netflix show recently and from the first episode I was hooked. If you’ve ever seen Nightcrawler, which is one of my favorite movies, it’s like the real-life version of that! Basically, these three companies called “stringers”, scour Los Angeles at night to film crime scenes, fires, and accidents to sell to the news agencies.

02. These slippers – I had these slippers on my list and Gary snagged them for me for my birthday. They’re super comfy and not to mention, my favorite color! These would be a great stocking stuffer gift for your mom or sister!

03. Away Travelmate Face Mask – If you read Monday’s post, you’d know that we were outside in the snow for hours at a Christmas market. Well, my skin was SO dry until Wednesday night when I used this Away Travelmate Face Mask! My skin was so so so dry and peeling so I pulled this mask out of my stash and when I woke up in the morning, my face was completely rejuvenated and moisturized!

Happy Sunday!

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