Sunday Vibes | 54

Sunday Vibes | 54

Welcome back! I hope you’ve had a great week and weekend! We’ve spent our weekend so far unpacking our bags from Christmas break and taking down all our Christmas decor (so sad)! We also went to the dollar theater and had a little cheap date night because I hadn’t been out of the apartment for DAYS! As for today, we’re heading to church and then I’m going to take some photos for Stella & Tide. What are you up to this weekend? Check out below what I loved this week:

01. Tone It Up Studio – If you saw my last post, you’d know that I’m focusing on fitness more this year (I know, you’ve heard that before!) and my first step was to download the Tone It Up Studio app. I paid for the membership so I’d be more dedicated and so far it’s working! I’ve been doing TIU’s workouts for quite a few years and love how simple they are – I do mine at home because I’m not a gym person and find that I don’t need a lot of gear to do them! Plus they have a new lifestyle line at Target, which is super cute. I’ve stocked up on their booty bands and foam roller so far and love them. I’m a sucker for their branding!

02. Under An Arctic Sky – My parents were telling me about this documentary on Netflix and Gary and I sat down and watched it the other night. GUYS. It’s unbelievable. As you know, I left part of my heart in Iceland so I love anything Iceland related, but this documentary was just so cool. It’s about this group of surfers that go to a remote part of Iceland to find the perfect waves but a huge storm hits the area. It’s completely amazing to see them surfing in such low temperatures and under the Northern Lights!

03. Rose Face Mask – With the single digit weather we’ve been having, my skin is SUPER dry and I’ve been out of my moisturizer (thank gosh it should be here tomorrow!) so my skin has been dreadfully dry. I keep a little stash of Sephora’s face masks for when it gets so dry or we travel. This rose one is the one I’ve been using for years and it really does moisturize my skin!

04. Aerie Play Sports Bras – If you missed my Instagram Stories on Friday, I was talking about the sports bras I bought from Aerie. I buy all of my leggings and workout leggings from there so I thought I should try the sports bras because I love the leggings so much. They didn’t disappoint! They are so comfortable and such good quality. I love them! Plus, they’re 60% off right now!

What did you love this week??

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