How to Survive an Overnight Flight

How to Survive an Overnight Flight

Traveling is one of Gary and I’s favorite thing to do. We love brainstorming ideas of where we should go next, planning our trip, and finding good deals on flights. Though I love traveling and experiencing new destinations, getting there is a different story. On our recent trip to Iceland, we took an overnight flight straight from Chicago to Keflavik. I must say because we planned out how we would spend our flight, we hit the ground running once landing in Iceland. Here are my tips for surviving an overnight flight:

01. Align your body time with the time where you’ll be landing. For our flight to Iceland, we left at 7 p.m. Chicago time and landed in Keflavik at 6 a.m. before take off, we tried our best to align our internal clocks to Iceland time. You can change your watch and phone times to make you feel like it’s really the time you need to adjust to. This will help you fight jet lag.

02. Dress comfortably. I’m not one to sacrifice comfort for fashion when it comes to long flights, however, I do like to look at least a little put together and not like I’ve just rolled out of bed. I like to wear leggings, sneakers, a comfy tee, and a cardigan. You’ll want to dress comfortably as you’ll be sitting for hours on end.

03. Pick your seats carefully. I think everyone has a seat that works for them on a flight, but since you’ll be sitting for such a long time, you need to choose where you sit strategically. If you’re flying solo, a window seat might be perfect for you so that you can lean your head against the wall. We chose to sit in the exit row so we had room to stretch our legs. However, the exit row has its downsides like people queuing for the restroom and not being able to have your bag right in front of you. Whatever you prefer, keep the long hours you’ll be sitting (and sleeping) in mind.

04. Stick to your routine. Going along with the first point, stick to your normal routine. Eat dinner, read or watch a movie, and go to bed as usual. Make sure you bring earplugs and an eye mask!

How do you survive an overnight flight?