Swimsuit Guide 2018

Swimsuit Guide 2018

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There’s nothing clothing-related that I love more than swimsuits. I have too many to count (and publicly share!)! Ever since I was young, I’ve loved swimsuits. Maybe it’s the Florida girl in me – I don’t know! Every year, around this time, I start looking for swimsuits and keep my eye on what’s out there. I usually like to wait until they’re all on sale, but sometimes I just can’t resist! Before Victoria’s Secret stopped selling swimsuits about two years ago, I loaded up on several swimsuits because we were going to Hawaii for our honeymoon. I’m so happy I ended up buying them before they stopped carrying them because they’re such good quality! However, I’ve since found some great stores that carry quality swimsuits like Aerie! Not only does Aerie have great prices and quality pieces, but their #AerieREAL campaign really strikes a chord with me. I think it’s so important that commercial photos remain untouched from photoshop! I love that in Aerie’s photos you can see the girl’s stretch marks, tattoos, birthmarks, etc. It shows me that they’re real people and I’m just like them! This post obviously isn’t sponsored, but I really wanted to share about Aerie because I love what they stand for and their pieces, obviously.

I’ve noticed so many flattering swimsuit trends this year – here are my favorites for my 2018 swimsuit guide:

Plunging One Piece
I’m in love with the Plunging One Piece! I think it’s such a flattering style for every body type and it makes those small chested girls (like me!) look like we’ve got a little something there! Throw a pair of denim shorts over the one piece and wear it out on vacation! I think this one is my fave.

Twist Cutout One Piece

The Twist Cutout One Piece is a spin on the traditional one piece. It has the cutest cutout in the center with a sweet little twist. I think this would be a great swimsuit for times where you’re around family members and you want to keep it modest, but not completely cover up! This pink one is my favorite.

Scoop One Piece

The Scoop One Piece is one of my favorite styles! It looks a little sporty but is still extremely feminine. I think it’s a little harder to pull off if you have wider hips (like me!), but is still effortlessly stylish either way. I really like that it has a plunging back! This is another swimsuit that could double as a tank under a pair of denim shorts! This one is my favorite scoop style one piece!

Wrap Around One Piece

The Wrap Around One Piece, in my opinion, is super flattering! I think it would be great for women of all shapes and sizes. It’s flattering with its high waisted bottoms and triangle top. Plus, I love the wrap piece – it adds something a little interesting to the standard one piece. This one is my favorite!

Cross-Strap One Piece

Okay, this style is completely different than what I’ve seen before! The Cross-Strap One Piece is ultra feminine with its completely open back and a super chic high waisted bottom. The ruffles add another hint of feminine quality. This style really reminds me of overalls with its high neck! My favorite is this one!

Knot Triangle Bikini
The Knot Triangle Bikini is a twist on the traditional triangle bikini – it just has a little knot in the center. I think the style is super feminine! I know that not all girls can wear this style – but if you can, I think it’s super cute! My favorite is this one

Scoop Bikini

Moving on to one of my favorite styles, the Scoop Bikini is perfect for everyone! There are several different variations of this style, so there are so many options to choose from. I love this style so much because it’s so easy to pull off! Whether you go with the ruffle style or the ribbed style, you can’t go wrong!

High Neck Bikini
The High Neck Bikini is another one of my favorite styles. I love wearing them when I’m in the water because I don’t have to worry about them slipping down if a wave hits me! I think this style especially looks so retro and sophisticated – I love it!

Which style is your favorite??
You can view Aerie’s swimwear here.
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