The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Second-Day Hairstyles for Short Hair

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Second-Day Hairstyles for Short Hair

I’m definitely guilty of being lazy with my hair – I only wash it twice a week and I struggle with thinking of what to do with it half the time. The day after I style it I usually try to change it up, so today I’m sharing two hairstyles for second-day hair for all the lazy girls out there like me. (And yes, I do realize I need a haircut really badly – I scheduled an appointment for the 29th!)

The first is a half-up-half-down bun. We’ve all seen this look over the past year, but I think it looks especially good with short hair. I like to take the top portion of my hair and twist it into a bun. It’s obviously really easy and takes one minute max!

The second hairstyle is a simple braid. I like to braid my hair and get it out of my face. I start at my part with a regular braid. Working my way down, I add hair to only one of the strands of the braid and continue braiding until I reach the end of my hair. Once done with the braid, I tie it with an elastic and pin it under my hair with a bobby pin.

What are your go-to lazy hairstyles? What other hairstyles would you like to see?

  • These both look adorable, especially love the braided style!

    x Annabelle