Three Products You Need for a Pamper Night

Three Products You Need for a Pamper Night

As I’m sure you’ve seen me mention before, I love a good night of R&R. I like to take a night once a week to just have me time. Though I don’t use an extensive lineup of products to treat myself, I do have three that I revert back to in order to pamper myself. 

01. Tarte Frxxxtion Stick. I’ve spoken about this product quite a few times, but I cannot recommend it enough. I use this product twice a week either as an exfoliator in the shower or a mask + exfoliator out of the shower. I think the packaging is cute and really handy. The fact that the product is in stick form makes it simple and convenient to use. The product feels so luxurious because it leaves my face so smooth after use.

02. First Aid Beauty Intense Hydration Ultra Repair Cream. I can’t get over this cream! It truly hydrates the skin like nothing I’ve ever used before. Gary has actually stolen this from me because it relieves parched skin like no other. I like to apply a dollop of the cream onto my neck as to prevent wrinkles. When applied on the face, it gives such a healthy glow to the skin. The cream is so lush, making it perfect for a pamper night.

03. Tarte Brazilliance skin rejuvenating maracuja self tanner. I know that I talk a lot about this self tanner, but it’s just that good. Whenever I feel like my skin is looking a bit dull, I like to apply this to bring some color back into my life.

What products do you like to use to treat yourself?

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