Wedding Planning Q&A with Borrowed & Blue

Wedding Planning Q&A with Borrowed & Blue

b&b logoIf you’ve never planned a huge event before, the wedding planning experience is a learning process at every step. There’s always something new and unexpected around every corner that no amount of research could ever prepare you for. That’s why Borrowed & Blue, the online resource for Birmingham weddings, came to me to ask about my wedding planning experience thus far. They also have plans to check in again after the big day to see how my perspective has changed.

“Carrie is in the thick of wedding planning as we speak, which makes her a trusted source in the realm of Bham wedding planning. In a two part Q&A, we are coming to her once now and again after her big day to see where she started, what she learned, and just how far she’s come.” – Stephanie, Birmingham Market Specialist

Here’s my Q&A with Borrowed & Blue:

  1. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Your wedding is in May so you are still in the planning process—what have you accomplished so far? Thank you! We’ve nailed down all of the major decisions like the venues, the menu, the drinks, the decor, the guy’s suits, the girl’s dresses, my dress, and the photographer. I’ve also decided on the favors, the flowers, the cake, and the cupcakes!
  2. What does the rest of your planning timeline look like? We are still working on a timeline with our photographer for the day of, I have to decide my hair and makeup, we need to figure out the venue setup, the flow for the day, and small details like cake delivery, traveling to and from the venues, and what time to start getting ready.
  3. Just after you got engaged, what was your first step for beginning the planning process? Right after we got engaged (and celebrated!), our first step was to decide the date and reception venue. We decided on May 7th and began seeking out a reception venue—which was not as easy as I thought it would be!
  4. If you knew what you know now, would that still have been your first step? Yes! Looking back, I think we made the right move to find our reception venue because everything was booking up so quickly. We most likely wouldn’t have been able to book our venue if we had waited any longer. When we first got engaged and began looking for a reception venue, everything was booking up really fast, so I felt that I was in some sort of competition to get everything booked right away!
  5. What has been the most fun part of planning your wedding so far? So far, we’ve both really enjoyed deciding on the menu and I’ve really enjoyed picking out the decorations. My mom and I have spent so much time in Hobby Lobby finding decorations for the reception!
  6. The most stressful part? The most stressful part about planning our wedding was finding the venue! We looked for quite a while for the perfect venue for us, but didn’t find anything that was just right. However, after a month or so of looking, we booked The Donnelly House in Highland Park and couldn’t be happier with our decision! I’m so thankful we booked it when we did because we were told that after we had booked it, they were all booked up for the month of May and received around four or five calls from people looking to book it on the same day of our wedding!
  7. What do you imagine will be your favorite moment of the day? I think that my favorite moment of the day will be when our priest announces us man and wife! Gary and I have been together for almost six years, so we have waited so long for this day. Also, I think another great moment of the day will be when we are surrounded by all the people we love eating, dancing, and having a great time.
  8. What do you wish you would have known before you started planning your wedding? Before I started wedding planning, I wish I would’ve known just how much work goes into planning a wedding! In the movies, they make wedding planning look like so much fun—flipping through magazines, drinking champagne, making decisions effortlessly, and everything going smoothly. Although fun, planning a wedding has truly brought out an indecisive side of me that I never knew I had! By this point, I just want the day to go smoothly and not have to decide anything else! 🙂
  9. What Birmingham wedding vendors have you worked with so far? How has that experience been? I’ve worked with Bella Bridesmaid and Yellow Bicycle Catering and have had the best experience with both vendors! I walked into Bella Bridesmaid not really having a definite idea of what I wanted my girls to wear, but after having a conversation with Jeana Lee, I walked out of Bella Bridesmaid with exactly what I wanted. The decision to work with Yellow Bicycle Catering came effortlessly. George and Kim have been so much fun to work with and they’re so organized and on top of everything! They have truly made the menu decisions so easy for us.
  10. What advice do you have for couples just getting engaged? My advice for couples just getting engaged is to enjoy being engaged! Gary and I will have been engaged for 11 months by the time we get married and it has truly been one of the best seasons of my life. Truly enjoy preparing for marriage, planning your wedding, and celebrating with friends and family!

Thanks again to Borrowed & Blue for reaching out! Be sure to stay tuned for the second part of the Q&A in a few months! And for those of you currently planning Birmingham weddings, don’t forget to check out their website.