What I Pack for a Long-Haul Flight

What I Pack for a Long-Haul Flight

I did my first long-haul flight when Gary and I flew to Hawaii. I had never been on a flight that was more than 3 hours in my life, so I was very nervous while packing for our long trip over the Pacific. I’m not scared of flying, but it does make me nauseous and leaves me with a headache for a few days after. I’ve finally found a few items that help me pass the time and feel better and I’m hoping one can work for you too!

The Essentials for Flying:
-Hand sanitizer
-Hair tie
-Hand lotion

The Essentials for a Long-Haul Flight:
-Phone charger
-Sleeping pills
-Eye mask
-Coloring book
-Colored pencils in pouch
-Face wipes
-Neck pillow
-Sweater or denim jacket
-Beauty Blender

For a longer travel time, I like to bring a backpack instead of a purse so that I can carry everything I need on my back instead of throwing my things in Gary’s backpack. I like to bring my black backpack because it has several pockets where I can store all different items. The first few items that go into my backpack that are naturally essentials for flying are my wallet, hand lotion (my skin dries out), gum (to pop my ears), hand sanitizer (no germs here!), chapstick (to avoid chapped lips), headphones (to cancel out the screaming kids or girl who won’t stop talking), phone (to play music), and a hair tie (in case I feel gross and want to put my hair up).

For a long-haul flight or purely just several hours of traveling, I like to pack a few options to keep me busy or feel better throughout the duration of the trip. First up is a phone charger. Longer travel time equals more wasted phone battery, so a phone charger is a must. I also like to pack a good book. Plus, it’s good to have something to read if you’re on a longer vacation and need something to do on more relaxing days. When I’m flying for longer periods of time, I bring sleeping pills with me just in case I start feeling nauseous on the plane because sleeping is the only thing that’ll get rid of it for me. In addition to sleeping pills, I bring an eye mask to make sure no light can seep into my tired eyes while I’m sleeping. I also like to bring a coloring book and colored pencils with me. No, I’m not five years old, but it distracts me in case of turbulence. Next in my bag, I bring face wipes. There’s nothing worse than feeling grimy on a plane. Face wipes are perfect for cleansing your face and you don’t even have to step over people to get to the bathroom to use them. I also like to bring a neck pillow and a sweater or denim jacket. The neck pillow helps me avoid a crick in my neck and the sweater keeps me warm because airplanes are freezing! If we’re getting off the plane and going straight out, I like to have a few makeup bits because it makes me feel more put together when I’ve got a little bit of makeup on. I like to bring concealer, beauty blender, blush, and mascara. Just a little bit can help!

What do you pack for a long-haul flight?