Why I Love Blogging + How to Start Your Own Blog Worksheet

Why I Love Blogging + How to Start Your Own Blog Worksheet

Today’s post is all about why I love blogging and how you can start your own blog, too! I’ve included a free worksheet for you down below. The worksheet includes a step-by-step guide on how to start your own blog.

I started blogging in 2012 with my roommate freshman year of college. I really enjoyed it so I decided to start my own. My blog started out as sharing what I was up to so that I could look back on it later, but I quickly began to share my thoughts on products. I really fell in love with trying new things and sharing what I learned about them. After about three years of inconsistent posting on that blog, I gave up on it. The timing wasn’t right for me to really pursue blogging as a hobby.

I started this blog, Carrie Elise, in August of 2015. I decided that this time, I would blog differently. I’ve been sharing my thoughts on productssuccesswedding details, our honeymoon, and more! I’ve realized that I have so much yet to share as I’ve been through so many different things in the past year – our wedding, graduating college, our honeymoon, moving, having our own place, etc. I have a running list of topics that I can’t wait to share with you! This is why I love blogging. Blogging is almost like a one-sided friendship at times, but receiving comments and questions truly makes it worth it for me. I’ve been blogging because I hope that my thoughts and ideas can start a conversation; that I can help someone – even if it’s helping someone find the perfect mascara or if it’s offering advice to someone traveling to a new place – I hope that I can make you feel more at ease or prepare you with advice and real-life experience; that I can inspire someone to try something new.

Today, I wanted to share a few reasons why I love blogging and a worksheet to help you start your own blog:

01. I love seeing others do what they love. I spent a few years in college experiencing first-hand people who despise their job. Heck, I was one of those people! Granted, I wasn’t in a career, but I knew what it was like to hate going into work. The blogging community has done wonders for me – it has shown me that not everyone drags into work and can’t wait to leave. The blogging community has proved to me that there are people out there who love their jobs! They work on the weekends because they love blogging – they love sharing with and learning from others.

02. I have the privilege of “meeting” people from all over the world. I love my readers and receiving comments from all of you! I have readers who live in places I only dream of going to. It’s so amazing that this little blog reaches people in the United Kingdom, Iraq, Austria, Indonesia, Finland, Sweden, and so much more! It absolutely astounds me every time someone from a completely different country comments on my blog.

03. My blog is something to look back on. Although my blog isn’t just about what’s going on in my life, it’s still something to look back on. In five years, I think I’m going to enjoy looking back through my blog to see what I was interested in at different times in my life.

04. I control what I write about. For the majority of my life so far, I’ve been told what to write about. Blogging allows me to experience natural inspiration and decide what I want to write about, which I hope you can see in my writing. I only write about the things I enjoy writing about.

05. Passion is my motivator. Let’s be honest, it’s not like I’m making a full-time, let alone part-time income from my blog. Money isn’t a motivating factor for me in this space. I’m truly motivated by my love for blogging, helping others, and making friendships in the blogging community. Every single post on my blog has come from my heart because I love the topics I write about. I don’t have to rely on a boss or a paycheck to motivate me any longer.

I’d like to hear from you – if you’re a blogger, why do you love blogging? If you’re looking to start a blog, what inspired you to begin?

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