Winter To-Do List

Winter To-Do List

I’ve never been a big fan of cold weather (unless it snows!), so I’ve been attempting to compile a list of activities to do during the long nights and cold days winter brings. Here’s my winter to-do list!

01. See Christmas lights

02. Bake & decorate cookies

03. Go ice skating

04. Create a Christmas printable

05. Volunteer

06. Set goals for the new year

07. Go to a Pacer’s game

08. Have a game night

09. Bundle up, make hot chocolate and take a walk downtown

10. Practice calligraphy

11. Try new seasonal ciders

12. Set aside time each day to read a new book

13. Nail down an indoor workout routine

14. Find the perfect pair of fuzzy socks

15. Create a Christmas playlist

What’s on your winter to-do list?