You’re Engaged! Now, What?

You’re Engaged! Now, What?

photo by Cathrine Taylor

One of the most exciting seasons in my life thus far has been when Gary and I were engaged. There are so many exciting moments like the moment when he asks on one knee, when you see your ring for the first time, parties are thrown, congratulations are said, but what happens next? Today, I’m going to share a checklist of what you should think about after getting engaged!

01. Enjoy your engagement. Getting engaged happens only once, so make sure you enjoy it! It can be super stressful attempting to get everything planned out at once, so take your time. You’ve most likely waited a little while to be at this point, so make sure you have fun at your engagement parties and soak it all in!

02. Prepare for your marriage. Gary and I constantly reminded ourselves to continuously prepare for our marriage. It’s tempting to get sucked into the glitz and glam of a wedding day, but ultimately, it’s a celebration of your marriage. To prepare for our marriage, we did two things that I recommend everyone do. Number one is meet with a priest or pastor ahead of time and partake in marriage counseling. In our case, we met with our priest once a month leading up to our wedding and discussed different marital topics. Number two is to go on an engagement retreat. Gary and I went on an engaged encounter weekend (it’s not just for Catholics) and had so much fun. We enjoyed listening to married couples, journaling our thoughts, and discussing our future life together. It helped us prepare for a healthy marriage.

03. Pick a date. Picking a date is of utmost importance in the wedding planning process. Consider the time of year and keep wedding seasons in mind.

04. Discuss the atmosphere of your wedding day. Do you want your wedding day to feel intimate? Or would you rather experience a huge party? You need to discuss how you want your wedding to look and feel on your special day. For us, we wanted something relaxed but romantic, just like where Gary proposed. We decided on a mansion that had the most beautiful garden in its backyard. Talk with your fiance about it and think about the atmosphere you want on your wedding day – it’ll help you decide on a venue!

05. Draft a guest list. An important item on the after-you’re-engaged to-do list is considering your wedding guests. Take time to jot down all of the people you want to invite. I suggest borrowing a family member and your fiance to help this process go smoother! Creating a draft guest list will show you on paper how many people your venue will need to accommodate. 

06. Begin looking for venues. With a guest headcount, chosen wedding date, and ideas about what atmosphere you want, it’s easy to look for a venue. If you’re getting married in high wedding season, such as May, June, or September, you must plan ahead of time. Remember that it’s never too early to book a venue!

To those who have been engaged, what would you add to this list?

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